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Sweets for my sweet

Love it or loathe it valentine’s day is upon us once more. A day when many feel obliged to give lavish gifts, over-priced flowers, unwanted jewellery or underwear that is more tacky than tasteful.When you find yourself stuffing love heart shaped everything into your supermarket trolly and researching Valentines meal deals that you would never normally buy.

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Sequins For Spring Summer… (at any age)!

The uplifting feel of something sparkly that instantly lifts your mood, no I’m not talking about a glass of bubbles although there’s no reason why the two can’t go together. I am referring to the wonderfully enlightening shiny little discs we have been attaching to clothes for years and that my mother spent a decade removing from a blocked Hoover.

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Rebecca Minkoff

Micro Regan, Always on Side, Puffy weekender and Blythe may sound like a teenage girl’s playlist and yes there are similarities in that these are most definitely all hits but in fact they are all styles of bags created by the wonderful Rebecca Minkoff.

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