Love it or loathe it valentine’s day is upon us once more. A day when many feel obliged to give lavish gifts, over-priced flowers, unwanted jewellery or underwear that is more tacky than tasteful.When you find yourself stuffing love heart shaped everything into your supermarket trolly and researching Valentines meal deals that you would never normally buy.

Do yourself and your partner’s wallet a favour and don’t buy into the hype.If your love stricken Romeo or Juliet can’t resist,then give them a gentle reminder to love the one they are with by purchasing a gift that actually reflects who you are.

I will be subtly steering my other half towards a label that I have recently fallen in love with and can’t get enough of Claudie Pierlot Paris who translate french Fashion into a romantic but stylish collection that you will want to don well after the 14th February.

So if the restaurant has already been booked and you are preparing yourself to go and eat a rhythmic dinner with 50 other love stricken couples at least you will be oozying sexy smart/casual that will happily stay with you long after the over priced flowers have wilted and died.