Although there is nothing wrong with receiving the odd bunch of pink carnations from your 5 year old, a girl does crave that glorious artisan bouquet from a loved one.  We also thrill at the thought of opening the door to that wonderful sight of a delivery person tucked behind these hand tied delight’s… Welcome to the world of Floom!

Floom is the brain child of Parisian born Lana Elie who’s own frustration of trying to send tasteful thank you flowers to fashion clients encouraged her to create Floom. Launched this year Flom aims to be an online destination for all flowering needs.

Stunned at how dated the on-line selection of flowers available were Elie tracked down the cream of the crop and started working with local florists who would take great pride in creating wonderful design led bouquets that they would be happy to receive themselves.

With an easy to use website simply enter the postcode for delivery and be dazzled by the lovely selection of bouquets available by local florists.

Click and send and wait for the oohs and ahhs when they arrive.